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  Introduced the most downloaded video apps around the world
3-piece set of SNS app that is equipped as a basic smartphone! Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. But teenagers are a little different. "Without this, there is no conversation!" What is the SNS app that teens are going to ~ enthusiastically around the world? Maybe someone who has heard it for the first time is 'Tik Tok'. Does not it feel like bouncing from the name? Let's look into what alternative teens are so excited about in this app!

What the hell is your app doing?

From the logo, a hot aura is pouring out ~, Image source: Tik Tok Korea official Facebook ( go to )

Chick Talk is a music short video community application that communicates with short music videos. You can create and share a short clip music video of less than 15 seconds. You can make music videos for your music, lip-sync, and dubbing, and the UI is so simple that you can shoot easily and easily. 'Dubbing', do not you remember something? You might have seen a dubbing video acting like a joke in an entertainment program or a celebrity SNS account. In addition, TicTalk can create funny videos with various filters and splendid special effects, and you can share your images and check your feedback in real time. To summarize, the social video platform is a short, coarse 15-second video that emits one's personality and interacts with friends.

Thick talk that showed steep growth with full support of teenagers all over the world! In the first quarter of 2018, it posted about 45.8 million downloads over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and ranked # 1 in the App Store "Top Non-Game Apps" category . Awesome !!!

# 1 in the App Store 'Top Non-Game Apps' section! , Image Source: SonsorTower ( shortcut )

This momentum has driven TicTalk to take on musical.ly in August , and Musical Lee is also an app that brings music, video and community together. It has been a huge hit in the North American market, with more than 100 million active users per month. This time, with TicTok and musical, we have become more globalized in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. If you are an existing musical repeater, you will automatically switch to Takk Talk when you update your app.

Tiktok and one musical Lee, Image Source: Wikipedia ( Go )

Hot video, let's take a look!

At this point, you might be wondering what kind of images teenagers will make with tuk tuk or musicals, and you will realize that popularity by yourself. I'll search for 'tik tok compilation' or 'musically competition' on YouTube. I can see all kinds of fanciful images from teenagers around the world. Best Compilation ', which combines' Competition', 'Best Compilation' and 'Funny Videos' that make comedies . "There are so many friends who are full of excitement and excitement ~" I wanted!

▶ Go to Tik Tok video

▶ Go to Musical.ly video

Why are teens so enthusiastic?

Yes. I know it's funny, but I'm still wondering why I'm so excited about this app. What is the fatal attraction point that captures teenagers around the world? Industry insiders cited short, thick 15-second images as the main reason. Teenagers prefer video that is spontaneous, light, and easy to consume. Various vendors are strengthening their video services, but now it 's time for one - minute videos to feel long.

Honey Jam that expresses and shares my personality with video!

One more, these days teenagers are accustomed to expressing and revealing themselves in video, and they do not hesitate. Alex Zhu, co-founder of Musical Li and vice president of Tiktok, said, "Lip-syncing and dubbing can easily be challenged by anyone. Whether you are a drummer or a rapper, your pronunciation is not good at all. Anyone who can build a confident look can become a star. In addition, the lip synch also contains a fun factor called parody. It's easy, it looks great, and it's fun. " Especially, teenagers are more enthusiastic about their talented peers than famous stars.

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